How I knew I was a keeper of the light

How I knew I was a keeper of the Light

Along my spiritual journey, LIGHT was always the thing that most resonated with me. I am light, the Divine is light, the Universe is light, light is all that is behind everything. As clairvoyant it was easy and “natural” to me to see the light around people, animals, plants, etc. Only in my adulthood it became evident to me that the light and the “things” I saw were not the same as for everyone else.

The connection to light beings like angels, or with other realms was natural, and that communication was mainly through “seeing”. The image of my guardian angels and of my spirit guides is very clear to me. Journeying between worlds happens to me (not that I have control of it most of the times), as if I am called there for a reason or for a task. Not only I see the light but I feel it at the same time (yep, I am also a clairsentient and an empath).

Even thought the discover of my life’s purpose have always been a big issue for me, dragging me into depression, hopeless, confusion and lostness, only now after my 40’s I started to feel that I am back on my path. I have born with a deep sense of mission as happen to most Indigos and the fact of not knowing what that mission was took me into profound emotional and spiritual suffering (also known as the dark night of the soul, find more on this issue at* or*). I still have no clear answer in my mind about my divine assignment here, but working closely with my spiritual team, provided me with so much insight now that brought peace into my heart.

In one day, while journeying in deep meditative state, I found myself in a gallery of light, like a white/orange crystal cave, much like the light emitted by Himalayan salt lamps. I was not alone as one of my guardian angels was there with me (L**, my cosmic friend that has a special role in my world mission). In the middle of this gallery there was a column of white light, like liquid crystalline light holding something in the middle that by then I couldn’t realize exactly what it was (this will be an issue for another post ;). There, I was told that I was a keeper of the light, a keeper of this light.

It was no surprise to me as I always felt this strong connection with the light and clearly I would tag myself with no eye blink as a lightworker – Reiki, crystals, angels, spiritual awakening, energy work, and meditation, among others have been all part of my journey so far.

So that revelation more than a revelation was actually a remembrance, a recalling of something already within – that I am here to anchor light upon the Earth, to help Gaia to ascend, to assist the new world “entering” the physical plan, i.e. to crystallize the new era that has been/is being prepared by the awaken ones into the physical realm.

In practical terms, how will I play my part of being a lightkeeper?

That is something I will share with you in other posts. This includes small, down-to-earth tasks, such as being a helping hand for those around me – at work, family, neighborhood – spiritually, emotionally and physically; but also global divine assignments of oneness, integration of the light, transcendence of space and time, or Earth/Nature energy healing work.

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