The importance of knowing my spiritual origin

The discover of my spiritual origin – a star being (starseed) of elven origin – made all the difference in my life. In that moment, a tremendous “aha”, “so that is why…”, and so forth, echo from my soul, vibrated through all my being. That simple discover allow me to realize that the things I like, the way I am, the choices I have made, my reactions, behavior, all was because of that. My spiritual journey and growth brought me to a point where working with my angels and spirit guides made me “by chance” (I know you were working with me and for me from behind the scenes, thank you) read about star beings and incarnated elementals (Doreen Virtue’s book Healing with the Angels was the 1st insight of it). While reading her description, I was astonished as if she was talking about me. Further insights on the issue (e.g. Mamta Roos site,*), plus synchronicities and validations from my spiritual team, made me feel like I was returning to my path, to myself, to the light. Everything made so much sense and the feelings of being broken or a failure, mentally ill or that there was something wrong with me start to vanish. Everything was falling into its place inside of me, and that feeling brought me deep peace, acceptance for who I am, and self-love for being myself. That knowing created the space for self-forgiveness and self-healing. Beyond all the differences and all the “don’t fits in”, despite the world rejection and condemnation, finally I was returning home, I was returning to myself.

From that point, further spiritual growth, awareness, insights happened at fast pace. My connection with my angels and with my spiritual team deepens to a very subtle and special relationship, I experienced enhanced intuitive and psychic development, and by now, at this point of my journey, I am willing to unveil the mysteries that the Universe has for me further ahead. Knowing my spiritual origin also provided me with some clues and directions about my life’s purpose and my mission here. I feel that I am back into my own path in life, and aligning my life with my divine assignment. Clearing my past also cleared my future, and day by day, I feel I am returning back to myself, to life, and to “All that is”.

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