Feeling whole with the Whole

Feeling whole with the Whole

The more I tune in with the sacredness inside and around me, the more I experience oneness and feel whole with the Whole. How do I tune with the sacred? For me, connecting with nature is the way. And nature can be a forest, a city garden, a plant pot at your home. Sacredness resides there. I tune in with the forest, with the garden, with the potted plant, while walking, sitting near, staring at, in a conscious way, being present, being the presence. I feel it, and I feel myself. I see the light of the plants, while becoming aware of my own light. I realize that I am also that light, not different at all, made of the same. I realize that I am part of the Whole, and in that connection, I feel whole, in oneness with “All that is”. My energy raise along with my awareness, and I feel light, charged, uplifted, and alive. As if there are no longer any barriers or limitations. I transcend space and time, and inside, a deep silence resides. All that is, is there and I am the essence that ultimately remains and always have been… I am whole with the Whole, alive from within, able of embracing the stars, while deeply rooted on the Earth.

Even in a little pot there is the vastness of the Universe as there is within. The same silence, the same stillness, the same creative force as if I hold the entire Universe inside of me… I feel it, I am it… I experience myself there and, at the same time, here… all separation is dissolved in that moment. All this can be an experience of an hour or of some minutes, but is so fulfilling that I feel alive, part of the Whole.

For me, nature is the gateway towards sacredness, and I enjoy to go through it, while holding crystals (selenite, moonstone, kyanite, black tourmaline and black obsidian are my favorites), invoking my angels and spirit guides, or while channeling Reiki. They all assist me in experiencing a powerful moment that adds so much into my life.

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