The mountain asked me for help to restore its energy flow

The mountain asked me for help to restore its energy flow.

The local mountain has always been special to me, not only because of its name – St. Michael, one of my favourite Archangels – but because I had some powerful, spiritual experiences of light, of love and of protection related to her in my past. Recently, I started to bless and consecrate* the ground beneath me (while walking around or in meditation). In response, I felt that the Earth was also communicating with me, and in particular, the local mountain pulled my attention once again. Communicating with plants was natural to me (maybe because of my Elven origin), even communicating with animals happens sometimes, but with mountains? I was confused by then, and my spiritual team brought me the answers I needed by putting the post of on this topic on my way. By dissipating my doubts, this post and other relevant information I gathered about it, made me realize that I was not making it up, it was not my imagination, but my intuition and my under developing psychic senses supporting me all along. With a cleared mind, I was once more pulled by the mountain while meditating. I journey there and sat in lotus position, with my hands touching the ground. Healing energy started to flow through me to the mountain, and the mountain asked me to help her restoring her energy: “my roots need to flow freely over the earth, to drink in the ocean, to sink deep down on the fire beneath, and to return back ascending towards the top of the hill. My natural energy cycle was disrupted by the radar towers on the top of the hill, by the highway on the base of the mountain, by the main road further ahead and the train rail, all crossing perpendicularly my energy flow”. In spite of the plant landscape there being natural and pristine, therefore playing an important part in keeping the mountain’s energy; those human constructions had impacted the energy cycle of the land. “How can I help?” was the question popping on my head. The answer came naturally: Do energy work to restore the natural flow. So, while in meditation and relying on my intuition, I used my fingers (sometimes also holding my selenite wand) and I started to correct the energy flow as described to me by the mountain, cycling it over and over again. Even though, I can only “see” the mountain once a week or so, my home is nearby the main road, and I work nearby the train rail mentioned above. Is it a coincidence? I don’t think so. All happens for a reason and, day-by-day, the Universe is revealing a little bit more of the “why’s” of being in this place. So, when I feel the pull, I work with the mountain, performing some lightwork and energy healing. My angels and spirits guides are helping me with this task and I think the mountain is happy with it. Today, I just pass by to left an offering. My heart is grateful for being able to serve and help to restore balance upon the Earth.

*”Earth, may I honour you; Earth, may you honour me. Earth, may I care for you; Earth, may you care for me. Earth, may I protect you; Earth, may you protect me” – learn more on how to consecrate the Earth on

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