My basic homemade beauty care products

My basic homemade beauty care products

My ecological concerns, skin allergies and increased energetic sensitivity took me on a journey towards homemade, eco-friendly beauty care products.

After lots of research and experiences, some errors and trials, here are my basics of beauty care. All recipes use natural, preferably organic ingredients, which are widely available, are eco-friendly and are free of animal-suffering. All recipes are easy to prepare and are not too much time-demanding. I like to keep it simple and I enjoy to prepare them with lots of love (channeling Reiki on it) in a very conscious state.

My favorite recipes for beauty care are:

  • Toothpaste – 4tbsp of sodium bicarbonate + 2tbsp of organic coconut oil + 1/2tbsp of Himalayan salt + 10 drops of Tea tree essential oil (preferably organic) + 1tbsp of water. Mix well and store in a mason jar with plastic lead (salt+bicarbonate will rust metal leads).
  • Deodorant – 1tbsp of maize starch + 1 tbsp of sodium bicarbonate + 2 tbsp of organic coconut oil + 5 drops of organic essential of Tea tree + 5 drops of organic essential oil of Lavender. Mix well and store in glass mason jar. OR simply rub a cut lemon directly on your armpits – It’s amazingly efficient, super natural and cheap. No stains, no odors… clean and clear… the perfect natural deodorant.
  • Shampoo – vegan soap/shampoo bar applied directly in wet scalp. After washing your hair, rise with water and apply apple cider vinegar as conditioner and raise again. Shinning, soft and healthy hair with no smell.
  • Body wash – vegan soap bar only (e.g. Dr Bronner’s soap bar, Le Petit Olivier soap bar). Simple and clean.
  • Face/skin cream – organic coconut oil + organic essential oil of Tea tree (5 drops per each 10 ml of coconut oil). Mix well and store in a glass mason jar.
  • Facial toner – 20 ml of filtered water (full moon light charged + rose quartz charged, optional) + 5 drops of Tea tree essential oil (preferably organic). Mix in glass falcon and apply to your face with organic cotton disks.
  • Hand-cream – organic coconut oil + Tea tree essential oil (preferably organic, 3 drops per each 10 ml of coconut oil) + Lavender essential oil (preferably organic, 3 drops per each 10 ml of coconut oil). When preparing hand-cream for cold conditions, you may want to replace 1/3 of the coconut oil by Vaseline, which is very protective for your skin).

By preparing your own beauty products, you are caring for your health and for the environment. Test by yourself how your health and vibration will improve, and reflect on how you are contributing to reduce the use of plastic bottles and harmful, toxic products. In the end, you are also saving money and you are simplifying your life. It is good for you, it is good for all. 🌱

*Coconut oil solidifies under 24 ºC / 75ºF, so you may want to heat him a little bit (by immersing it in hot water) or bring it near a heat source before you prepare your recipes.

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