More on being a keeper of the light

More on being a keeper of the light

There I was once again in this sacred, secret place, which I accessed this time through the 7-pointed start (also known as Elven star, or Faery star). The symbol start to enter more and more into my head, I gather more information about it and started to drawing it while gazing in a meditative-contemplative, relaxed state. The symbol touched me deep inside in a manner I cannot use words to describe. Maybe because of my Elven origin and my strong bond to the fairies. While meditating upon the 7-pointed star, I activated a gateway to the Faery realm, and journey there, to the same temple of crystal I had been before. But this time, inside the column of light existing in the center of this crystal gallery, there was a star. What was not previously obvious before (check my previous post on this issue), it was very clear now. Suspended in the middle of this column of fluid, white light there was a star, so light-full and alive… the most beautiful, precious thing I had ever seen. Then I realized that this gallery was inside Gaia’s heart, and that the star also had a connection to the Divine, the Source of all things. It came to me that this star has a priceless, precious role to play in the emergency of the New Earth. It is/will anchoring the New Era into the physical world that is/will also rise in vibration. Me and L*, my precious guardian angel, are/were the keepers of this light, and I have incarnated as human with a mission of being a keeper of the light. Deeply touched by this experience, I returned back, trying to integrate all this in my life and trying to see how can I live in alignment with what was revealed to me.

*Her name stays just between us

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