Crystals are great allies in spiritual growth

Crystals are great allies in spiritual growth.jpg

Crystals are high vibrational beings that can greatly support our spiritual awakening, our psychic development, our connection to angels and spirit guides, our holistic healing, and in so many other ways.

Crystals are good companions on our spiritual journey to ascension, playing an important role in anchoring light within our hearts and upon the Earth. In their presence, our crystalline light emerge and we get in tune with our higher self. They empower us by clear and raise our vibration, unblock old, stagnant energies, and deepen our awareness so we can move towards our highest potential and to live with more balance and in harmony with the Whole.

I like to hold them in my hands while meditating, wearing them along the day (I usually wear a selenite pendant), do chakra healing, or simply look at them and tune with their energy. Whatever the case, crystals allow us to step into our divine power with grace and to move towards a more awaken life.

Sometimes, we just need to sit or lie down with them near and allow them to do their work. Soon we’ll notice their soothing energy bringing us back to calmness and truth in a holistic sacred care. I love to have them around, I am glad they are part of my life.


My favorite resources on crystals:

Energy Muse*:

Ethan Lazzerini*:

(* not affiliated links)

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