Why selenite is my favorite crystal

Why selenite is my favorite crystal

Light have always resonated with me and because of my part of being a keeper of the light, it is no surprising that selenite is my favorite crystal. Selenite has been referred as liquid light (e.g. Heather Askinosie from Energy Muse*), and when I am in contact with this crystal, I feel myself as light flowing through the universe of life. Selenite touches my true self, which is light, and I feel clear and aligned with the Light (Source). I wont forget the experience of the first weeks I wearied my selenite pendant. There was a deep calmness inside and a feeling of being inside a cocoon of profound silence and tremendous light. It was as if I was on another dimension and, at the same time, moving throughout this material world.

After start using my selenite pendant, I started to connect more often with my angels and to have more angelic experiences. Selenite is well known to facilitate the connection with angelic realms and light beings, so by using it the angelic communication was activated. My guardian angels, the archangels, my spirit guides and light beings of nature start to show them selves more often to me. And I am glad they did. My life won’t be the same after them and selenite had played a part on this. The vibration of this crystal is such that clears our energetic field, clears our mind and heart, and unblocks our lives, helping us to move forward… towards the light… towards our highest potential.

I love to sit in silence, holding selenite wands in my hands, and feel its smooth energy bringing me back to light. Sometimes, just by looking at this crystal I am transported to the other side of the veil, to other realms, and have deep spiritual experiences. At home, a selenite tower has the power to clear the environment and fill it with light. In presence of selenite, all vibrations rise high. For all this, I consider selenite a good ally in my spiritual journey, and I cannot conceive my life without her anymore. If I had to choose just one crystal, selenite would be the one.

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