A plant-based diet naturally follows spiritual awakening

A plant-based diet naturally follows spiritual awakening

After spiritual awakening a tendency towards a vegetarian/vegan diet is inevitable. Not because some religion, guru or spiritual system tells you so, but because your soul wishes to. It’s a change that comes from inside out, not the other way around. Not because it is cool, or fashion, or because your friends are doing it, but because you need to be true to yourself, your real self – the soul. As in so many other things in our lives, our diet naturally tends to change as we embrace our spiritual journey, a journey towards higher consciousness. By becoming more conscious of ourselves as spiritual beings, we start to live in a more conscious way and, therefore, to eat consciously from a soul perspective. For some, this change occurs over years or decades accompanied by a transitional diet towards vegetarianism/veganism, for others change happens from night to day. You wake up one day and you can no longer eat animals, you can no longer perpetuate the death and suffering of other living beings just to feed your body. On the contrary, your body deserves much more respect and love than be fed with death corpses. Your body starts to “talk” to you about its real needs, a plant-based diet, high vibrational foods, free from suffering and pain, which can support your spiritual growth, ascension, well-being, and the same for the Whole. You know the saying “It is because I love animals, that I don’t eat them” – love for animals, love for Nature, love for the Whole, love for the self. We all deserve better, and to live in harmony as a Whole.

Along the journey, you may find that your needs also start to refine as your sensitivity and vibration rises. You may be called towards a diet that is refined-sugar free, gluten free or dairy free, among others. Your soul and your spiritual team will lead you along the process if you allow them to. The important is that you stay true to yourself in each moment, as this is a dynamic process, and listen… listen to your body and soul, to your angels and spirit guides too. They will lead us along the way so we can move towards our highest potential, individually and as a collective. We are awakening the New Earth, a “place” of peace, love, joy and harmony for all, as a Whole. I don’t think there will be any space there for anything that is less than that for all living beings.

How good is to seat to eat without having to ask who had to die for my meal? How good is to give thanks for the clean, green meal I have been provided with? How good it is to know that by feeding my body, I am also feeding my soul, raising my vibration and awareness with a plant-based meal? I am so grateful and proud for my eating habits and the way its helping me and “All that is”. More and more, people are awakening and the vegan/vegetarian population increases each year. The benefits for health (at all levels – physical, mental, spiritual), for the environment (a plant-based diet is more eco-friendly and free of animal suffering), and for all (sustainability) are irrefutable. I couldn’t agree more with Einstein when he stated that “Nothing will benefit more humankind than a vegetarian diet”. By the way, do you know what Gautama Buddha, Albert Einstein, Pythagoras, Jesus Christ, Mahatma Gandhi, Michael Angelo, Leonardo da Vinci, Plato, Isaac Newton, Charles Darwin, among others, had in common? They were all vegetarian. They were all great souls with loving hearts and clear minds that have profoundly marked our history at different quadrants (spiritual, scientific, etc) along millennia. Do you think it is a coincidence? They were all living proofs of the effects of a vegan/vegetarian diet on our thoughts and behavior, and of the greatness one attain by consciously live that way.

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