Once more the mountain asked me for help

Once more the mountain asked me for help.jpg

Once more the local mountain asked me for help and I was “pulled” to perform lightwork there, but this time I had a powerful extra help. Guess who was there with me leading and empowering the work? Archangel Michael, one of my favorite Archangels and dear mate of my spiritual journey, who by the way gives his name to the local mountain – St. Michael mountain. All morning I felt a “pull” towards the local mountain that was accompanied by a “call” to restore its energy flow (see my previous post on this issue). At my lunch time, the pull was so strong that I decided to journey there to accomplish the lightwork in need. I started by grounding myself and allowing my roots to go deep inside Mother Earth and to embrace its core (center of the Earth). I also connected with the Divine above and, with both connections, I felt receiving the spiritual sustenance and protection needed to be in balance and able to answer to the mountain’s request. There I was near the top of the hill facing the ocean and the south, feeling my “roots” deepen and mixing with the roots of the mountain as if we were part of the same. Behind me, powerful and protective, Archangel Michael show himself irradiating divine light. With arms wide open both of us (more him than me actually) directed the energy down the hill towards the ocean, where at a distance from the shore it would sink deep into the earth to mix with the fire beneath and to uplift again at the top of the mountain. More than light lines, this time there was a grid of light centered at the top of the mountain and spreading all over the region. The energy work last for some minutes as we cycle the energy flow again and again as described above. Then I felt it was time to return, the job there was done, at least for now. My hearth was grateful and fulfilled by the powerful lightwork done and the presence of Archangel Michael. Thank you to “All that is”, which ultimately is light, and in the light, we are all One.



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