Simple ways to live a more eco-friendly life

Simple ways to live a more eco-friendly life

With consciousness comes a deep sense of belonging and caring for the Whole. As if Mother Earth is an extension of ourselves and, at the same time, we are an extension of Her. In this inter-connectivity there is Oneness, and self-care equals care for the Whole. We naturally take the responsibility to bring harmony to our Home and make it a better place for all. From a spiritual perspective we realize that old shamanic belief that “All that is” is alive and, therefore, must be respected, cared and loved. There are many things we can do to honor that. Here are some simple ways of living a more eco-friendly life and care for Mother Earth:

  • Use eco-friendly cleaning products – there are many non-toxic, natural and biodegradable options available. You can choose eco-friendly detergents, soap nuts, apple cider vinegar, sodium bicarbonate, among others and get pretty good cleaning results.
  • Create your own beauty products – using organic, natural ingredients you can create your own beauty products while caring for our Earth. Its healthier, cheaper and fun. Besides you are considerably reducing plastic waste.
  • Save water – by simply turn off the faucet when not needed (while brushing your teeth or while soaping during shower), or choosing shorter laundry programs, we are saving water, a precious and scarce resource on our world.
  • Walk or bike – whenever you can, park the car, walk or use your bike. Its good for your health, its good for the environment.
  • Change to eco-friendly lamps – this simple gesture saves energy and money. You will notice it on your electricity invoice.
  • Recycle – paper, plastic, metal, glass are all renewable resources. By recycling, we are providing new resources and preventing environmental pollution.
  • Conscious shopping – shop with an eco-friendly perspective, choosing glass containers over plastic, prioritize recycled items (paper towels, toilet paper, etc), buy organic products (when affordable), reduce plastic, use reusable shopping bags.
  • Eat green – become vegan/vegetarian or eat a plant-based diet as much as you can. You are caring for the environment, for your health and your vibration – its good for all.
  • Choose organic products (when affordable) – organic products are not only good for your health, but also good for the Whole. They are a direct way to sustainability. If you are energy sensitive you will also notice a positive effect in your vibration.
  • Buy a water filter, not potted water – by choosing a portable water filter jar or installing a water filter system in your kitchen, you are considerably reducing the plastic waste (up to 10Kg/year/person). Out of home, use a reusable water bottle.

Even a simple gesture can have a huge impact on the Whole. The most important, is to do it intentionally and with love. We are all together in this, and together we have a voice and can be heard. So, whenever you can, care for Nature and add goodness upon our Earth. The Whole will rejoice as we act from that space of love.

© 2018 Susana Cabaco / Holistica2be – All Rights Reserved. You have permission to share this content for as long as you credit the author and the site. Image credits: ThePixelman in Pixabay

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