How trees are our helpers in bringing light upon the Earth

How trees are our helpers in bringing light upon the Earth

To me trees are so lightfull that just by looking at them I tune in with the “spiritual” and the “divine”. They remind me of the sacredness in “All that is”, within and without. I tune in with the Light and by doing so I empower myself, and bring light upon our Earth. To me its natural, easy and mostly visual as clairvoyance is my main clair. In the moment I became aware of their light, I feel awaken, present and alive. I experience my self as light and my consciousness to expand. In that moment, I am infinitely tiny and, at the same time, immense as if the entire universe was inside of me. I feel myself as being here and there, being this and also that. Under such “Big picture” perspective, I surrender and trust… trust the Universe, God and life. Such is the power of trees…

No wonder it was no surprise to me when one of these days when looking at a tree, a dear friend near my house, I “heard” the following message:

We are anchoring light upon the Earth, not only providing you with oxygen, shadow, fruits, or wood. We are helping anchor light upon the Earth.

That moment was a “aha” moment for me, it all make sense, as I have always saw/felt trees surrounded by light. They were always a reminder of the LIGHT, the light that I am and the light that ultimately “All that is” is. Trees have strong energy fields and hold ancient wisdom. Their presence is invaluable whether their are in the wild or in a city, alone or as part of a forest, as they all act as gateways between Heaven and Earth. They are alive portals for the light between Heavenly Father and Mother Earth, the spiritual and the material. They play this role by them selves, not needing our help. But when we join them in their part of anchoring light, whether by just looking at them or in some other way that brings us that realization, we are adding human consciousness to that process and that works wonders. Both of us, nature and humans, are empowered and our vibration, at a individual-level and as a collective, raises… nature included. Somehow, we ascend into a new level of energy that at a certain point of our ascension, when a critical mass is reached, will emerge the new earth. We are all in this together, and trees are our precious helpers to light up the Earth.

Next time you are near a tree, try to see/sense their light. Be aware of it and how lightfull you feel. Share with them the role of being a keeper of the light, because light is still needed to emerge and anchor definitely the new earth over our material world. Blessed are those that behind the scenes are building the new stage… in the “shadow”, they are the “light”… and light its all the world needs now.

While looking at a tree waving her branches on the wind, I had a sight of the tree waving her own light all around. The wind was the mean through which the tree spread her own essence/life force energy. That moment reminded me how the winds/storms of life can be our allies, not our enemies. The tree showed me how we can release the old leaves, i.e. the stuff we no longer need, and at the same time, how to give away the good things we carry within. On the whole, there is double soul gain. Take advantage of your life challenges not just to let go of the old, but also to spread all your greatness in the world. As a tree, wave your light all around, to all you meet… the world is becoming a better place because you live.

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10 thoughts on “How trees are our helpers in bringing light upon the Earth

  1. Thank you Susana for this wisdom, I love this. It clarifies for me why I have always been especially drawn to trees in cemeteries – ‘gateways between Heaven and Earth.’ One of my poems (The Tree That Spoke) is of a tree in a cemetery that I felt I needed to write while sitting with them one day.
    I am always appreciating, thanking, touching, hugging and blessing trees, and now I shall perceive their Light too.
    Thank you ❤
    Love, Light & Blessings ❤

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    1. I am so glad and feel so blessed for being connected to others hugging trees minded fellows. Trees are REALLY special and play their part much beyond our perception or limited human understanding. I just love the silence full of wisdom when I enter their energy field… even when I am just passing by and they are “just” a city garden tree… they have such power… and we are really blessed for having them near. 🌲 Take care dear Trina and thanks for your feedback. S*

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