Reiki was the silver line in the dark cloud of rejection

Reiki was the silver line in the dark cloud of rejection

I was postponing my Reiki attunement by giving excuses and by prioritizing other issues for so long that at a certain point, life itself push me there. That day when in 8 minutes I ended up with a 8-years relationship was the push I needed to get there. That moment of rejection from my beloved companion of life left me completely k.o., up side down, uprooted from life. It was experienced as a “life event” that shifted completely the rum of my life. It was the door I needed to truly and for good step into spirituality. Until then, I was in it superficially, one foot on each side, not fully there, not truly here, going no where. My world fall apart, I had no ground, I felt like pulled into a dark hole, with no references, empty… I couldn’t eat or sleep for some days… but while entering this dark night of the soul, I was able to see the light. Even if at the end of the tunnel, I hold myself to the light. But the Universe had my back and provided me with a Reiki course in the following weekend at a locally renown holistic center. The Reiki attunement was the blessing I needed for healing myself and my life. In midst of a black cloud of pain and suffering, of lossless and hopeless, Reiki was the silver line I’ve hold on for survival first, healing throughout and thrive after. Because I was out-of-everything, I used Reiki not only to heal myself holistically, but in all that I could – meditation, crystals, tai chi, food, etc. I took Reiki as a path and completed Reiki master level after a while, allowing the new knowledge, experiences and guidance to settle deeply inside of me. And somehow I was able to re-structure myself again, and to align my self and my life with my highest potential and highest purpose in life. More than 10 years after this life event, this alignment is still taking place, and right now I am focusing on it again with full strength by setting the new moon intention to take this alignment into a deeper/higher level. I feel that Reiki saved my life providing me with the healing and support I needed to be back on my path. Sometimes are the greater difficulties that bring us the greater learning and provide us with the fertile soil for our spiritual growth. Because its all about the journey, not exactly the destination, for as long as the path is of light, spiritual awakening and development will be taken place in our life. To “All that is”, was and will be – thank you from my heart!


(photo credits: graphicdesignbyemily in Pixabay)

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