When I opened the door, my angels came in

When I opened the door my angels came in

Guardian angels are with us, guiding and protecting us along the way, whether we are aware of it or not. Even though I was pretty sure of their existence, somehow they seemed out of reach to me. Maybe because I never tried to reach out for them. Because angels respect our free will, they will not interfere in our lives or show themselves to us, unless we ask them too, or in case our life is in danger. In the last couple of years I decided to communicate with angels and that intention was the door I opened, so they could come in. In particular, I invited my guardian angel to be part of my life, as a dear friend would be, and I started to notice his presence and manifestation all around. Flashes of light, feathers in unusual places, coins in the street, number sequences, messages in outboards, t-shirts or emails, music on the radio, etc were some of the ways he communicated with me.

After reading a couple of articles on guardian angels (e.g. Who is your guardian angel? from Ask Angels), I decided to go a little bit further with this and ask him to reveal me his name. He answered to me promptly, and in the next few hours, while in different scenarios the same word would pop on the way. I asked him to show me if F* was his name, what he validated by showing me the same word again. And believe me it’s not even a word in my native language (which by the way is not English). In one of these occasions, his name was accompanied by a ++ (plus) sign, which I didn’t understood by then. Only when I realize that we can have more than one guardian angel, and they confirm me that that is my case, I was able to realize its meaning.

But first I came closer to one of them, I would say the main one, The guardian angel, which is the one I have always considered to be with me. Knowing his name brought him closer and, as our connection strengthen with time, also his image became very clear to me. He is a beautiful, light blue angel, whose presence always brings silence and peace to me. I started to communicate more often with him and he would provide me with the answers I need. Sometimes he would signal me with a music on the radio, others by spinning my third eye, or through the imagery/text on my angels oracle cards, or by showing me his name all around… His answers and signs showed up in such magical ways, sometimes bringing tears in my eyes.

Because I am highly clairvoyant he often reached out to me in the “visual” form, but not always. Sometimes a conversation or a song, others a loving and warmly feeling inside my heart. No matter the ways he would reach out to me, it was always a reassurance that he was always with me, always nearby.

Later on, I came to the evidence that I have two guardian angels, which they confirm me with a sound 2 (two)… “2” showed up repeatedly all around, along with new insights regarding this other light being, a light being of feminine energy to which I refer as “she”. Both complement each other in the angelic support, guidance and protection regarding my life’s purpose. Actually, the sum of their names are what so far I realized to be my purpose in life. My angel L* is lightfull, tall and bright, with a strong connection to crystals and plants, an elf-like angel that is my partner on my part here on Earth – saving and caring for Nature and Mother Earth. The word Eco orGreen, along with some other nature signs, such as green leaves and flowers, are some of the ways she signals me of her presence.

I am so glad I decided to open the door, so they could come in. They add so much light, help, guidance, friendship and magic into my life. It was the intention to commune with them that brought them near to me. And despite I feel by myself in this life (without a connection to humans), I know and feel that I am not alone, I have them by my side, close and dear, as mates of light. To both of you “I love you” and and eternal “Thank you”.

*I decided to keep their true names just between us as our little angelic secret… I hope you don’t mind!

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14 thoughts on “When I opened the door, my angels came in

    1. That is the way, dear Margaret. Open your heart to the angels, keep your mind out of the way, and allow things to happen. One step at a time. Let their magic be part of your life. With light blessings into your ❤. Susana*

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