A morning prayer will set the tone for the day

A morning prayer will set the tone for the day

Prayer is a way of communication with the Divine. In prayer we express our needs, our feelings, our desires and our gratitude to something “Higher than us”, while expecting to be “heard”. What we not often realize is that its not exactly about the words we use, whether aloud or in silence, but the vibration we send to the Universe/God/Existence that will bring us back the answer.

By starting our day with a morning prayer in a state of gratitude and bliss from the heart, we will set the tone for attracting the same, which is the reply from the Divine. Our message will also create a space for God/Universe/Existence provide us with that or something better. The knack here is to do it from the heart, because we cannot trick God/Universe/Existence that ultimately is the Truth. We can trick others, we can even trick ourselves, but we cannot trick the Divine, which uses the language of vibration. We may try to express gratitude, but when our heart is full of resentment for what life had given to us, it is that low vibrational energy that will be “heard”. Don’t expect things to change unless you change it first. Internal change, that is what we are talking about here – inner work that will shift our perspective, our feelings, our choices towards life. Things are not happening TO me, instead they are happening FOR me. Instead of asking WHY is this happening? try to change your perspective and ask WHAT is this situation teaching me? Its not easy to gain perspective towards the “Big picture”, it requires inner work, self-awareness, presence, intentional living. That is why meditation is so important and part of almost all spiritual paths – meditation is a training for the real life where we need to be awaken and aware, responding not reacting, co-creating a new reality, not cycling in the wheels of karma. It will provide us the power we need to go beyond drama, and transcend the illusion of space and time. Both meditation and prayer are two sides of the same coin that fees the communication with the Divine.

I like to start my morning with a generic prayer before my meditation such as:

Divine Mother, Father Divine,

fill my day with your love and your light,

put my angels by my side, along with my spirit guides,

help me to learn and to see the lightkeeper I am meant to be,

to awaken the witch/shaman within,

to live in peace, in love, in deep harmony with All that is

Then I sit silently and listen what they have for me…

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