Why am I vegan

Why am I a vegan

“Why am I vegan?” is what non-vegan/non-vegetarian people ask me. The answer is simple – because I have consciously chosen to be so; because I live from the heart, with integrity, being true to myself and to “All that is”; because from an holistic, spiritual perspective, one cannot be in balance if our life is associated to other beings suffering, pain and death; because I have tremendous love for the Whole, for Mother Earth, for Nature, for animals, for the moon and the stars, for the sun and the light; because I feel “their” pain and I have looked into “their” eyes; because I do not feel separated from “All that is”, I am also that while being this, timeless and limitless, as if the entire Universe is inside of me; because we are all One, and in oneness only love exist… and what can be more loving than being a vegan? What can be more kind, for the self and for the Whole, than a plant-based diet? How compassionate are the hearts of those who choose to live in harmony, within and without, while celebrating life, love and freedom for all?

Often when people ask me “Why am I a vegan?”, I usually like to reply to them with another question: “Why are you not? I am a vegan because I have chosen to be so, what about you, why are you a non-vegan/vegetarian?” Usually they don’t know. Their reply is usually “because it has always been like this”, or “our ancestors have always been eating animals”, or even “someone has to eat them”… ultimately, they don’t know, they just do it because others are doing it, because society tells them to, and they not even question if that is right or if there is another way… the collective unconsciousness had blind them in so many ways…

Blessed are those who are not asleep anymore, and had the courage to be different, to defying the system, and to live consciously and intentionally with love. Blessed are those who are bringing harmony upon the Earth.

The reasons why people became vegan/vegetarian may be different – spiritual, animal care, sustainability, health, etc – but ultimately they are all driven by love. Love for the self, for the Divine, for the Whole. And love is the most powerful energy that will bring change into our World.

You may say, I’m a dreamer 

But I’m not the only one 

I hope someday you’ll join us 

And the world will be as one. “

John Lennon

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