All the greatness is of Reiki

All the greatness is of Reiki.jpg

Reiki is an ancient, sacred form of energy healing providing the recipient with life force energy to ultimately recapture holistic balance. One of the things I most love about Reiki is that we “just” need to be there as a channel and allow Reiki to do “his job”. By allowing Reiki, life force energy divinely guided, to flow through us, we are allowing healing to happen, but healing is not our greatness, all the greatness is of Reiki. Our greatness is to be aware, set the ego aside (which is not always easy) and allow us to be the conduit for life force energy, an instrument for the Divine. When we allow ourselves just to be the channel, and the recipient allows himself (or ourselves, in case of self-care) to be healed, healing takes place after energetic balance and life force energy replenishment of the affected areas. Attunement is required (in majority of cases) and understanding of Reiki ways adds know-how to the healer, but being “ignorant” to the Reiki healing itself is our part. We are not the ones who heal, we are the ones who allow healing to happen by intentionally be present as a channel. I love when I just lay my hands over myself, or my cat, and become a “watcher” of the life force energy that flows through my hands. I just “feel” it as it flows through me while being attentive to my hands. It is as if they are “talking” to me, showing me where healing is most required. The greatest experiences and most effective healing happens when we allow ourselves just to be, and nothing else. Being in the moment, connected to the Source, in meditative state, just witnessing Reiki to harmonize the unbalances there, and bring in holistic health. Being aware of ourselves as “just” a channel is one of the first lessons in Reiki that I like to remember again and again, as part of my daily practice. All the greatness is of Reiki and I feel tremendously blessed to have it with me as I walk my path in life.



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