Simple ways to live a more spiritual life

Simple ways to live a more spiritual life

Because we are spiritual beings, conducting a spiritual life shouldn’t be even an issue, unless for the simple fact that we have forgot it. We have forgot who we are and live like immersed in a spiritual-dormant state. Awakening to the real self is a process in which we remember and forget, again and again, returning easily to the sleep mode to joint the collective human unconsciousness. There are simple things we can do in our day-to-day, down-to-earth life that can help us to be more awaken and aware. Here are some simple ways that help me to live a more spiritual life:

  • Practice being present – again and again, I remember myself to live in the now, not in the past, not in the future, but in the “here and now”. I like to put myself in the place of the “watcher”, the silent presence from behind the scenes. I practice to hold as much as I can the “spiritual perspective” of myself, of others and of the Whole (Big picture), in whatever I am doing, in wherever I go.
  • Working with crystals – high vibrational crystals, such as selenite, kyanite, angel aura quartz or lemurian seed crystals, enhance my connection with the “spiritual”, within and without, giving me a spiritual sense of being while facilitating the communication with etheric beings of angelic realms and high spirit realms of light. I like to meditate with them, and to wear them along the day. Crystals are great allies in spiritual awakening/development.
  • Connecting with nature – nature acts as a doorway to get me in touch with myself – the natural, real self – helping me to be awaken and aware. And Nature is everywhere, whether in a plant pot at my home, whether in the garden shrubs around the city, whether in the ancient trees in the woods – they all hold the sacredness I need to feel “spiritual”, whole and as part of the Whole. Grounding is also a key nature practice for me, as it provides me with the “roots” I need to spiritually go up.
  • Using Oracle cards – oracle cards are a simple and wonderful instrument to tune me in with the spiritual, providing me with the messages, insights and guidance I need to align my self and my life with my divine purpose and awakened state of being. I choose a deck following my intuition and, while being receptive, get the divine, benevolent answers and guidelines I need.
  • Cultivating a relationship with my angels and spirit guides – Getting to know my spiritual team is one of the most beautiful and spiritual experiences I have by now. I like to invite them into my life, share with them as much as I can and experience their magical help in my daily life.
  • Being grateful – gratitude from the heart naturally brings in spirituality into my life. By being grateful for all the good things I already have, I feel like blessing my life and, at the same time, signaling the Universe/God with my appreciation, which opens the door for more. Gratitude is a magical way towards spirituality.

There are many things we can do to live a more authentic, spiritual life. The most important is to discover and work with ones that are “right” for us in this moment of our lives. Being aware that our spiritual development is a dynamic process allow us to adjust ourselves and our practices as we move forward/higher on our spiritual path. Also pay attention for not getting stuck along the way by trying to “hold” some of the things that should free us in the first place. Freedom is a great “spiritual-meter” that can help us to evaluate our choices and their benefit on our spiritual journey.

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