Going organic is caring for our world

Going organic is caring for our world

Organic foods are a great way of caring for the self and the environment. Their positive effects on our physical health are unquestionable by now, as they dismiss artificial-chemical-hormonal additives/treatments, usually used to intensify growth and enhance organisms resistance (to bugs, illnesses and/or harsh environmental conditions). In organic crops, natural growth rhythms are respected, which result in high nutritional and vibrational foods that bring natural goodness into our lives. They are not just good for our body, but also good for the soul. I found organic foods being highly supportive to my spiritual journey/ascension, as they raise my vibration towards high energetic frequencies, helping me to feel lighter and light full.

One of the handicaps of organic products has been their elevated cost, not always affordable for many of us. Fortunately, nowadays with increasing availability of products and brands in the market, their cost is getting more reasonable. So, whenever I can, whenever they are affordable, I definitely go organic. I am trying to include more and more organic products on my eco-green lifestyle. By now ca. half of my vegan meals are organic, which I experience as extra-care for myself.

For me going organic is an act of self-care and care for our world, and a conscious choice based on love and respect for Nature and Mother Earth. Ultimately, is a way of living in harmony with “All that is”. Because natural processes are respected, going organic means being supportive to maintain ecological balance and a direct way to sustainability.

All things considered, organic foods/products are an important and vital eco-choice that brings tremendous benefits on the Whole.

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