My Reiki story with Sirius – my dearest friend and brightest star in the sky

my reiki story with sirius

Sirius was a beautiful European cat saved with 3-4 weeks from apparent death. It was found completely entangled in fish nets in sub nutrition condition that left him as just skin and bones. Fortunately it was rescued in time to survive, but unfortunately not in time to save his right back leg that had to be sacrificed right away. Treatments last for some weeks but he was strong and thrived. Because of his beautiful blue eyes I named Sirius, the most beautiful blue star in the sky. His eyes changed colour but his strong personality last for life. He lived happy even though with just 3 legs, which only conditioned his access to highest places. With 11 years-old and while showing already aging signs, he started to vomit frequently, which took me to the vet. After some exams and analysis the diagnostic was shocking – my precious friend had a well developed gastrointestinal neoplasia (cancer) with some branches already reaching the liver and maybe the lungs. Nothing could be done to heal his cancer; we could just minimize his suffering with medicine, and allow him to live for as long as he could live in comfort. Two vets confirmed his diagnosis and gave him a life expectation no longer than 3 months.

As a Reiki practitioner, I started to treat him also with Reiki, which he always enjoyed and looked for, and as time passed, he showed no evident signs of being losing his battle again cancer (except for some weight loss). His treatment was changed from corticoids shots to pills, then lower dosage of pills, and lastly to no medicine at all, as he seem to be ok.

Time passed, and vets were astonished with his long survival, not having a reasonable explanation for this case. I knew all the time that was the wonder of Reiki that allow him to hold life against all forecasts – it was Reiki and his love for me. He loved me so much that he didn’t want to leave me alone. After some major life changes, I found myself alone, living with my 3 paw companion. My health was not ok either, and somehow he was the one looking after me, while I looked after him. Sirius lived for more than 3 years when vets gave him no more than 3 months. And he lived ok given his condition and old age, with some ups and downs along the way. He showed no signs of pains, and for as long I felt he was ok, we continued to share our lives until that day, when he looked at me and his eyes asked me for what I had always postponed and thought I wouldn’t had the courage to do. His condition deteriorated sharply in 2 days, and last morning he wasn’t able to stand by his own… It was time for him to leave… at least from that old body, from this material world… He was asking me that, and that day I had no doubts or buts or ifs in my head. I was with him until his last moment… his last breath, always together as somehow we still are… Sirius, the brightest star in the sky was returning home. Every time I look above at the night sky I see him there looking at me, so beautiful, so bright. To my precious friend who I miss so much a special thanks for the life he shared with me and a timeless “I love you”.

Sirius left in 2016 with almost 16-years old from a life full of adventures, good moments and shares from the heart. Even though the Universe sent me a new friend 2 months after his leave, I still miss him everyday… and totally agree with Picasso when he said that “No amount of time can erase a memory of a good cat”.

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