Simple hack for decision-making if you are indecisive as myself

Simple hack for decision-making

Decision-making is a choice process that we all face in our everyday life. And if for some people its an easy and simple thing, for others like myself it can be overwhelming and a nightmare. Because both my zodiac and ascendant signs are in Libra, I have an indecisive kind of personality that had always caused me difficulties regarding decision-making. I weight both sides of the scale so well, pondering all the pros and cons that I end up confused and full of doubts, stuck in the spins of my analytical mind. Besides, old mindsets conditioning, such as fears of choosing wrongly and of failure, freeze me to a point that I end up quitting, not choosing at all. Not choosing may lead me to skip/miss opportunities in life. Not only the “bad” experiences are avoided, but the “good” ones too. Recently, I found myself in one of these dilemmas, being confused and unable to choose, mostly because of fear – fear of choosing wrong, fear of being punished for my choice, fear of suffering. In amidst of confusion, I realize that the “Yes” I was avoiding/doubting was based on love, not on fear, and that realization gave me the courage I needed to say the “Yes” my heart wanted to speak all along. When the question is of love there isn’t such a thing as failure. My mind trapped me in fear and doubt (past conditioning experiences), but my heart freed me up with love. Choosing out of love, not out of fear, is a simple hack that can help in decision-making process, especially if you are indecisive as myself. Choosing out of love will naturally bring the protection and support from the Divine/God/Universe. There is nothing to be afraid. Everything will be taken care of and everything will be OK if our decision is based on love. It can’t be other way.



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