Asking is key for receiving angelic assistance

Asking is key for receiving angelic assistance

Asking for help is key in order to receive angelic assistance. This is not just some spiritual clichet, but rather an angelic prerequisite that catalyses angels help (learn more on this topic in*). Because of our free will, angelic beings need our permission to interfere in our lives and provide their help. Recently, I had experience it again in my life and had once more realized how important is to ask angels to get their help. Angelic assistance came from Archangel Michael, one of my favorites Archangels and one of the easiest to call when in need (see more on Archangel Michael help in

There I was visiting my family for a couple of days during my holidays, when in the evening previous to my leave, my car signals me with some motor problem that should be checked as soon as possible. I had planned to leave next day early morning, because I had left alone at home my black cat that cannot tolerate car travelling. What’s more, in that evening when the car showed the problem, I had just picked up a one-year female cat from a local animal shelter that should be travelling with me next morning.

So, in a nutshell, I should be leaving imperatively next morning by car, and my car just led a warning light signaling some engine problem that should be check it without delay. I started to ask for help to the angels and to God/Universe. At that time, just came to my mind that I had once read (in one of Doreen Virtue’s books) that Archangel Michael can help repairing mechanical and electronic devices. So I asked him to fix the problem with my car engine so I could travel next morning. All evening and also when awakened during the night, I asked for help with this situation. Next morning, I went to the office shop, wishing for a quick repair that could put me on the road asap, and when the car went under computer engine analysis, the conclusion was that there was just an electronic error, not a mechanical problem. The engine was perfect and ready for my 4-hours journey. In that moment, along with a big thanks towards Above, I had a realization that this situation was somehow a “protection” from any harmful situation that could be “avoided” this way. After all, what seemed to be a big problem turn out to be a minor issue, equal to nothing at all. The electronic error was probably due to a severe braking I had to perform when driving to pick up my new kitten in order to avoid hitting a wild animal that crossed the road just ahead my car.

So, I was able to leave during the morning after all, but two hours later than previously planned. During my car trip and while reflecting on all of this, including the angelic assistance and protection received, another wild animal (same species as before) crossed over the road again (this time at a safety distance), as a confirmation of the angelic help I had just received. When I arrived at my home, I found my beautiful black fur OK, and gifted him with a new friend. After all, everything went well thanks to the angels help.

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