Transcendence – going beyond duality

Transcendence - going beyond duality

In life, there are at least two options because we live in a dual world: to go or to stay, to do it or don’t, to talk or to silent, to receive or to give, turn left or turn right, go ahead or go back… The problem arises when none of the two seems to satisfy us or seems reasonable at our present reality, and we expect a third (or more) option(s). In this scenario, we often feel has being trapped, not being able to see a solution or a way to get out: neither right, neither left, neither ahead, neither back – trapped where we are. We feel like needing a miracle – something that defies logic, often labeled as “impossible”. Feelings of hopeless and desperation can easily be installed in our hearts as neither the miracle nor the way out rise before our eyes. It is as if we are trapped in/by life and nothing can change the situation. In these moments, it helps to step back from duality, towards our inner, true self, and gain spiritual perspective. As we “fly” above space and time, we can go beyond duality that is like an illusion, where we believe to be trapped. Dwelling in the depths of some spiritual quotes/insights such as “This too shall pass” can help us to detach from the ties of our mind and limiting mindsets/beliefs. We are like the elephant that chained since baby live his all life thinking that he is tied up by the delicate chain that his adulthood strength could easily break up. Our limiting mindsets chain us in the illusion of being powerless, limited beings, when in truth, because light is our nature, we know no boundaries. Anchored in our true nature, we can transcend duality and ascend into a reality where we are free – true freedom, soul-rooted, above conditioning, limiting beliefs, or old creeds. All we ever were, are or will be, is there, the eternal, divine being of pure light. The silent presence that eternally is, that which cannot be defined, categorized, or pinpointed, yet still exist. Have you ever been there?

Have you ever felt like being as big as the entire Universe and at the same time infinitely tiny, as if you are not there? Transcendence is going beyond duality into simply being, just existing… Nothing to do, nowhere to go, no one to be… still you are, in oneness with “All that is“, in oneness with the Divine. In those moments, we are fulfilled from inside out, we are complete.

Harsh moments in life, which are often characterized by intense suffering can trigger transcendence experiences. The only way to “escape” is going beyond. This is something “known” by our higher self, who lead us (along with our spiritual team) towards the light. Hence, moments of suffering, whether physical, emotional, mental or spiritual, enclose precious opportunities of transcendence, spiritual growth, and ascendance. Whether we like it or not, is in amidst of the storms that the greatest lessons are learned and higher spiritual growth can occur. In those moments, is extremely important to step back, gain spiritual perspective, go deep inside the “pain” and use it as fuel to move higher into the next level of our journey. How to take advantage of harsh moments is a hack that once learned can bring us the sweetest of the spiritual fruits. I hope you can enjoy its unique flavor. Wish you a harsh-and-sweet spiritual experiences that can fully return you back to your own light.

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