Fermented Beetroot – a vegan source of probiotics

Fermented beetroot

Fermented vegetables are a vegan source of probiotics, which provide support and nourish good bacteria in our gut. Probiotics are essential for a healthier digestive system, and to optimize our immune system. Fermented vegetables are easy to produce at home, inexpensive and full of natural goodness.

Among vegetables, fermented beetroot is my favorite. I love the fermented bitter-like taste of this sweet, full of iron root vegetable.

Ingredients*: 1-2 beetroots (depending on their size and size of chosen jar) , 1 mason jar (with lid), 1/4 tsp of Himalayan salt (or other at your choice), 1-2 tsp of  raw, natural apple cider vinegar (organic preferably), water q.b.

Preparation: Wash and peel the beetroot, cut it into chips or large pieces, and place it in the mason jar. Add the salt and vinegar and fulfill the jar with water until covering completely the beetroot. Screw the lid, shake it well and store the jar in a warm place for 72 h (3 days). Air bubbles inside the jar are indicative of fermentation, which is temperature-depend. Loose the lid for some air release and store the jar in the fridge for a couple of days more before enjoying this delicious, fermented treat. Raw, organic apple cider vinegar acts as a starter for fermentation, while preserving the vegetables along with the salt.

Enjoy as a complement to main dishes, or in-between meals. I love to snack them while waiting for lunch when I am hungry. Its flavor tends to bitter with storing time, resembling the taste of pickles. I simply love it, give it a try!

Technically, fermented vegetables can be prepared from any vegetable. Beetroot is my favorite, shredded carrot is on 2nd rank.

*Indicated amounts are optimized for a 500 ml mason jar; please, adjust it accordingly to the chosen glass recipient and used beetroot amount.


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*not affiliated site

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2 thoughts on “Fermented Beetroot – a vegan source of probiotics

  1. Beetroots are my favorite…Taste wonderful and full of goodness… Thanks for comment. Take good care of yourself. S*


  2. Mmm. I love pickled beets. We have a wonderful Italian market in town that has a big crate of pickled cucumbers in their natural state. They’re wonderful, too. I tried making sauerkraut once, but it was so slow!! 🙂


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