Recycled paper – Would you consider it?

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I was born with a deep sense of mission, involving caring for and improving our World. Since child I had this dream of saving/helping Nature and Mother Earth. I would travel for more than 200 Km carrying used paper for recycling when recycling bins weren’t so popular and widespread as nowadays. In those days, there were no recycling bins in my town, but as I would travel to the west coast with my family once a month or so, I would carried one or two boxes full of paper disposal to deposit in paper recycling bins that were available at the town we were visiting. Under the protests of my mother’s husband, who no matter how I explained was ever able to understand why he should be carrying “trash” as he said in his car for such a distance, I thrived in my nature-oriented task. I believed (and still do) that I could make a difference, that I could contribute to a better world. That was/is the reason why I am here for, and couldn’t leave without fulfilling my mission. Not only I was fiercely recycling paper, but also brought recycled items for school, such as notebooks, pens or printer paper, which were really difficult to find at that time.

Decades later, there are so many improvements in this area (fortunately): recycling bins are everywhere, and majority of people do recycle. There is an ecological consciousness imprinted in new generations, but still there are so many who don’t care. I couldn’t understand by then, neither now, how people could be living their lives without considering what we were/are doing to Mother Earth. We are all responsible for what is happening and there are so many things we can do, even if simple, that could make a big difference on the Whole.

One of these things includes recycling and using recycled materials. By doing so, we are avoiding the advancing destruction of our planet, the extinction of several species and we are preserving the quality of our future. Among recycled materials, recycled paper is the dearest to me, because to me recycled paper equals alive trees. And trees are dear to my heart and the ones with whom I share a lightwork task of anchoring light upon the Earth. Things are changing fast nowadays and LIGHT is what the World most needs now for global ascension.

Prioritizing recycled paper items can be as simple as: a) choosing recycled napkins, toilet paper or kitchen paper over bleached ones for our homes (when cloth is not feasible/possible/practical); b) choosing recycled packages over non-recycled ones in grocery/other products; c) choosing recycled printer paper instead of white paper for the office/business; d) choosing recycled paper notebooks, or even books, for ourselves or our loved ones.

Being conscious during shopping, whether for our home or for our business/job, considering each item carefully, and choosing what the best is for all, Nature included, is key to live a more eco-friendly life. Recycled paper, not only saves trees, which is by itself a grand, valuable task, but also gives use to paper disposable materials, that otherwise would end up in laystall at best, or in nature at worst. Here are some points worthy of reflection.

Did you know that:

  • Each ton of recycled paper avoids the cut of 15-20 trees?
  • Each tree supplies the daily oxygen required by four people?
  • Recycled paper spends less 35% of water and 64% of energy?
  • Recycled paper reduces 70% contamination of the atmosphere (greenhouse gas included)?

Overall, both paper recycling and the use of recycled paper promote the protection of natural resources, being a direct way to sustainability and an active way of caring for our world.

Would you consider it more often?




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