In worldly loss I somehow found myself

In wordly loss I somehow found myself.jpg

Recently I have met an old friend with whom I shared many adventures before life set our paths apart. During our brief encounter, I came into a powerful spiritual insight that may also be useful to you. My friend talked and talked, almost in continuum, sharing a little bit of his busy familiar and career life (complaints included). His continuum-talk-stream was just briefly interrupted by my short, deep comments about life to which he would nod with his head. Holding a broad and wide perspective of life is something innate in me – a big picture sight that allow me to have and share some deep, wise spiritual insight, usually very appreciated by my peers. When he left, and while reflecting our meeting, this insight came on my mind: in-between so many this and that he have lost himself there, while in so many losses I experienced in my life, I was able to find myself. I had “lost” my career, my lover, my family, my friends, my religious/spiritual gathering… but somehow in so many worldly losses, I was able to find myself. In loneliness, I was “obligated” to be with me, to accept and love myself as I am – even if failure was all I was/I am in all aspects of my life. In all those failures, I was able to return home, inner home, to experience myself as just a presence and to live from there in awareness of myself as just that. The darkest night became my own brightest day and, in the light of the eternal being that is beyond space and time, I was able to experience myself as a limitless, divine being. The being beyond labels of family, career, religion or groups, with no masks, the one not needing anything external to justify its existence, just existing and nothing else.

There were times when I remember to realize that I had nothing else to loose… nothing to loose, nothing to prove, nothing to improve… I just had to be me… aware, awaken… nothing else. This is how rejection and failure can be a good thing. This was the way the Universe found to shake me, to awake me. This isn’t necessarily the way it will work for others, but in amidst of tremendous suffering, I had no option but to awake. Awakening triggered the recognition and strengthening of my natural psychic and intuitive gifts, which were like an invaluable and helpful by-product of knowing myself, of being myself. They were the “spiritual GPS” I started to use since than to align myself and myself with my highest potential and true purpose in life. They turned out to be a wonderful “spiritual tool” allowing me to get to know and work with my spiritual team (angels and spirit guides), and this is one of the most beautiful experiences I have in my life.

Most people cannot stand to be alone by themselves. They prefer to be with others or doing things, even if is just watching TV or pointlessly checking social media. They fear what they may find or see inside, which is not always pleasant or beautiful. However, in all those “doings”, they are missing themselves. Others/things will pass one way or another, sooner or later, all will eventually end, but we still remain. While lost in worldly busyness its easy to miss yourself. Life is about many things, and one of them is definitively about finding yourself. While enjoying your earthly life, your things and your relationships, please make sure you don’t miss that.


(Photo credit: Soorelis in Pixabay)

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