Ancestral healing is a way of honoring our ancestors

Ancestral healing is a way of honoring our ancestors

Days before this July Full Moon, which also matched a Total Lunar Eclipse, I started to feel the need of dwelling in ancestral healing affairs as some patterns (my own and of my family) became more evident to me. My family heritage was not all about hair color or eyes shape, but also about some particular negative behaviors and feelings that I caught myself expressing again and again. The perpetuation of limiting mindsets such as the sense of lack or shortage (on my mother side of the family) and of having to work really hard in order to get a little (on my father side), were somehow blocking my way especially regarding “abundance” issues. In addition, deep rooted believes of being unworthy, a failure and a martyr contributed to get me stuck in the same cycles of negative emotions and unsucceeded actions/tasks at all levels (e.g. professionally, spiritually).

All this needed to be healed and cleared, not just from my life, but also from the life of my ancestors. And what could be more perfect for this than a full moon energy, which this time matched total lunar eclipse? Both empower healing, clearing and transformation, amplifying its effects as deep/far as our requests/intentions can reach out. To me, this was the perfect time for ancestral healing. Healing of the limiting mindsets and conditioning, my own and of my family, that keeps us all in a life of shortage, failure and suffering.

I set aside some time specifically for this in the full moon evening, even though I was already “working” on it for several days. After energetically clearing myself and my space, I centered myself bringing me in alignment with my higher self through meditation. Invocation of my favorite Archangels (AA Michael, AA Gabriel, AA Raphael, AA Ariel and AA Metatron) and of my spiritual team (my guardian angels and spirit guides), along with my ancestors opened the healing session in which I set my intentions before sending Reiki/healing energy in all directions of space and time. All along I had this deep feeling of being honoring my ancestry while healing us all, wherever they were, are or will be, whoever they were, are or will be. Not only the ones of my present birth family, but all those of my previous lives too… There was a feeling of ancestry liberation and unburdening that reached far in time, far beyond what I could really rationally understand or be aware of… There was just this strong feeling of deep healing, clearing and liberation. The healing section last less than an hour, but it was powerful. By the end, I wrote all the things I intent us to be free of, and in a burning ceremony, I set the piece of paper on fire, surrendering to the flames all that we no longer need/want in our lives. As the fire consumes it, I felt all those constraints vanishing away from all of us. The ashes were returned to Mother Earth in gratitude, wishing for a new beginning to all of us. Gratitude to all that were with me, my angels, my spirit guides, my ancestors, to the moon, the Divine and “All that is” closed such powerful moment that left a promise a new beginning. The beginning of a better, successful and abundant life for all, myself and my family/ancestors. We all deserve all the good and magical things life has to offer us. So it is.

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