Angels are with me

Angels are with me

Angels are with me, they always have been, they always will be. They are my trustee companions in this adventure we call life. Lately, I remind myself of their presence, while conscious saying “Angels are with me” (power of affirmations). I feel like having two giant wings coming out from my back. They aren’t necessarily mine, but are the wings of my guardian angels, which I truly feel as being nearby. There is this feeling of their wings, of their presence within my energetic field, as if their angelic energy mixes with my aura. One of the wings (at my right) is light blue color, and the other one (at my left) is pale-yellowish/white color. These are the colors I associate with my angels, and in the position I often see/sense them. Usually, F* (my light blue guardian angel) appears at my right, and L* (my pale-yellowish/white angel) shows herself on my left. This is a beautiful, powerful experience that helps me to return to love, to return to the light, into my center, truly aware of who I am, of what my part here is, and of who are with me all the time.

When circumstances of life seems to pull me out of my center to drag me into the negativity of people/situations/places, this simple angelic reminder helps me to step back and to create a “space” between me and the circumstances that is like an angelic safety place. From there, everything seems to be more easy, light and meaningful. Intentionally working with the angels can really create magic in our lives. Adding “angelic” crystals, such as selenite or angel aura quartz, to the power of affirmations (e.g. “Angels are with me”) can take us literally to the next/up level. Just give it a try.

*I decided to keep their names just between us, as our little angelic secret… I hope you don’t mind!

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