Have you heard about this super natural deodorant?

Have you heard about this super natural deodorant

Going natural it’s just my way. If you read some of the green living contents on Holistica2be, you will know what I mean. On My basic homemade beauty care products post, I described a natural deodorant that I have been using for a while, until now… that I discover this super natural, efficient deodorant. It is well known that majority of commercial deodorants have toxic, harmful substances that are detrimental for our health (e.g. aluminum – cancer), not to mention for the environment. There are many natural deodorants available on the market that you can use as an alternative, or you can produce your own using natural ingredients. I was pretty satisfied with my homemade deodorant, except for the fact that it could stain clothes due to the coconut oil used as an ingredient (especially in summer when coconut oil melts at room temperature). With this concern on my mind, I came across an old memory that was the perfect solution for that problem.

Many years ago, while staying at a friend’s home during a spiritual retreat held outside my living town, I remember that she went to her fridge in the morning, and rubbed a cut lemon on her armpits saying that that was her deodorant. I was puzzled with her statement, but honestly never felt compelled to try it or even to search more about it. Just now I was drawn to it again and decided to try it. And you know what? It’s amazingly efficient, super natural and cheap. All the goodness of nature directly into ours armpits. No stains, no odors… clean and clear… the perfect natural deodorant. Just cut a lemon into 4 parts. Use one of the parts directly to rub your armpits, and distribute the others parts through your family members. Store in the fridge, using a specific container for this in order to avoid misuses. You can write your name on it (or the name of others family members) to easily identify “your” lemon deodorant. Slice off the used far end of the lemon every two days for better results. This way, one quart of the lemon lasts for almost one week. If you are blessed enough to have a lemon tree in your yard, you just need to “harvest” your deodorant directly from Mother Nature, who will be tremendously happy to care for you, as you also care for Her. If not, just acquire your lemons as usually and try to use them on a different, green way. Besides, the “package” is completely biodegradable, and you are naturally dismissing plastic waste from your life (usually used on most commercial deodorants). I hope you enjoy it as much as I am… and don’t forget to share if you care as much as I do.

P.S. – this week I had the opportunity to test my new natural deodorant under extreme conditions: local temperatures rose above 30 ºC (86 ºF) and I had extra heavy physical activity at work. Still, the natural lemon deodorant was extremely efficient, and I am pretty satisfied with it.

(Photo credits: monicore in Pixabay)

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