My angel’s wings are rooted in my heart

My angels wings are rooted in my heart

Even though I have been working with the angels and angelic energies for several years now, lately I felt the “need” to take our relationship to the next level. You know that feeling of “this is done, so what’s next?”. Even my latest new moon intention was related to that: I intended to get closer to my guardian angels, and to upgrade our relationship to a “upper” stage – a closer, friendly, magical connection…

After “Angels are with me” in which I had deep, loving angelic experiences, I felt things evolving inside into a new phase. I started to feel my heart chakra was like “opening” on my back into a beautiful, emerald green mandala, as I replaced the affirmation “Angels are with me” by “My angels are with me“. And that little word (My) made a huge difference in the way I felt them. I stared to “feel” their angelic presence into my being on a different level. My angel’s wings not only came out of my back as I described in the previous post, but they were deeply rooted in my heart. I could track their presence into the core of my being, where their wings were anchored. This experience last for several days, and I am still feeling it some now and then. This was their response to my “next level” request. Their answer was literally near and dear to my heart. However, after some days, I started to feel… well, nothing… as if something was blocking the way. And for the second time within just few days, I drew the Heart Charkra card from my Daily Guidance from Your Angels Oracle Deck (from Doreen Virtue). I knew what they were trying to tell me; that my heart chakra was to a certain extend blocked and that I needed to work consciously on it, before I could experience their presence more deeply. Following days I started to heal and work on my heart chakra. I used Reiki over my heart with that intention, and I felt “inspired” to send an energetic cord downwards to the core of the Mother Earth (which I handed over to one of my guardian angels, the one I associate more often with Gaia’s energy), and another above to the core of the Divine (which I handed over to my other guardian angel, the one that to me is more let’s say “celestial”). This resulted in a quite amazing experience: my heart was “bubbling” inside my chest as if it was returning to life, and in my chest I could feel a warmth sensation of love. I felt like expanding into wholeness, and at the same time, holding a tremendous angelic closeness never experienced before. Almost nearly Full Moon, I felt the need to consecrated my life to the highest angelic energies in service of the Divine for the highest good of All and of the Whole. Now its time to reintegrate all these experiences and energies into my being and into my life. I am open to see/listen/know/sense the divine guidance God/Universe/Angels have for me. I don’t know exactly where this road is going to take me, but I feel intuitively pushed to go ahead. Deep inside, I feel the need to TRUST… God, Universe, Life, Angels… as the path will be revealed one step at a time…

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