Less plastic waste – a titans challenge

Less plastic waste

Plastic, plastic, plastic… plastic everywhere, in everything… from plastic packages to plastic money, modern society is plastic-based. Nowadays, zero plastic waste seems almost like utopia, and even though living with less plastic waste seems more reasonable, its still a titans challenge.

Plastic is a toxic material that create lots of environmental pollution to produce, and when discarded. Plastics released in the environment can take more than 100 years to decompose, much longer that our expected life-time. Even when recycling is considered, there is a high energetic demand involved in the process, along with the production/release of danger, toxic substances in the environment. So, no matter how you package it, ultimately plastic is detrimental to all.

Wanting to reduce plastic waste and our plastic footprint on Earth is the first step in this titans challenge. Using less plastic requires us to consciously consider all our daily choices and doings, and to be aware of the plastic items/packages/containers on our most used products. It requires courage, but most of all it requires intention, all the rest is just adjustment. Still, be reasonable on your choices/changes, so you can enjoy life in/with comfort.

When I decided to live with less plastic, I remember being in my bathroom looking, really looking with the eyes wide open to all the plastic containers and bottles there – all the products there were plastic packed. Do I really need all this? This question took me into the next level of my plastic de-cluttering home/life. By that time, also my long-term skin allergies were going worst, and I felt like being “guided” to get rid of all that and make my own beauty care products. Not only they use natural, vegan products, as they are in majority of cases packed in natural materials or recycled paper. And you know what? My bathroom was much more beautiful without all those plastics, just decorated with natural shells and candles (I keep a few mason jars for shampoo, tooth paste, natural oil blend for skin, etc in the bathroom cupboard). Next was the kitchen, and the same thing about plastic containers related to all the cleaning products. Do I really need all this? A little of web research, some trials and errors, took me to the basics of eco-friendly cleaning. Again, just the eco-friendly cleaning essentials in kitchen cupboard and a greener, simpler home/life. As soon as I dismissed commercial beauty and cleaning products, which are full of toxic, harmful substances, my skin allergies simple disappeared. So, on the whole, it was good for me and good for the environment. Energetically speaking, I also notice a boost on my vibration. It is known that the chemical, toxic substances found in majority of beauty and cleaning products have a negative effect on our energetic frequency.

Conscious shopping is vital in order to upgrade our lives towards less plastic waste. Shopping with an eco-friendly perspective, choosing glass containers over plastic, prioritizing recycled items/packages, reducing plastic containers to a minimum or to the inevitable, using reusable shopping bags are some of the things I always have in mind. Other simple things to do may include buying a water filter (not bottled water), carrying a reusable water bottle (when going out), refusing disposable straws and cutlery, and always recycle your “inevitable” plastic waste.

Here are some facts worthy of our deepest consideration. Did you know that:

  • 91% of plastic waste ins’t recycled?
  • 8 mTon of plastic waste ends up in the ocean every day? and over 90% of all sea birds have plastic pieces in their stomachs?
  • 3.5 mTon of plastic bags are discarded in a year? and it takes 10-20 years for a plastic bag to decompose?
  • For one litre of bottled water, 250 ml of oil are used? and bottled water contains tiny plastic particles that are harmful for our health (e.g. cancer, infertility) and the environment (e.g. fish slower growth/reproduction)?
  • Recycled plastic helps to save oil, energy, water, air pollution, landfill space and sea creatures such as birds, fish and dolphins?

In spite of less plastic waste being literally a titans challenge nowadays, it’s still possible and it’s in our hands. Everyday we have the opportunity to choose, and our choices always have an impact on the Whole. Choose wisely, choose out of love, choose to tread lightly upon our Mother Earth.

(Photo credits: Larisa-K in Pixabay)

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