Simple ways of taking (good) care of yourself

Simple ways of taking good care of yourself

Far are the times when putting yourself ahead of others was a “sin”, a truly egoistic, selfish action/behavior, condemned by society. Even though, things have changed and self-care turn out to be seen as actually a need (which truly it is), still there is some underlying, subtle social mindset conditioning when it comes to self-care, or to take (good) care of yourself. A mother will feel guilty, a spouse will feel a shame, a friend will feel as a traitor… Many of us took/take it too far for too long… until you broke, or you burnout, or you fall ill. By then, it is too late, you can’t reverse it, damage has happened and you are “obligated” to take care of yourself. Times as such are often accompanied by suffering and pain, whether physical, mental/emotional and spiritual, that could be avoided if we had taken care of ourselves in the first place. Let’s be realistic: how would you expect to pour from an empty cup? An empty cup cannot fill in another empty cup – this is an analogy to nowadays relationships. Everyone expect from everyone instead of self-fill in first.

Please take care of yourself first, only then you will be able of care for others. Fill in your responsibility with yourself first, don’t pass it on to others. Rarely someone will have enough for both of you. You are the most important person in your life, don’t neglect your needs, your well-being, your wholeness and sacredness. Before others being into your life, and after others being into your life, you were already, and always will be. Take care of your body, take care of your mind, take care of your soul. Nurture yourself holistically, care for yourself as a whole. Your body is a precious instrument for this human experience, your mind in a powerful tool on this life adventure, your soul is the master truly living it. Just allow your inner light to emerge from the inside, and be it, for light is all you were, are and will be. In strait connection with matter, space and time, or out of it, you still are! You are important! You matter!

Here I present some simple ways I found very empowering at all levels concerning self-care. I am no authority on self-care, but I had neglected myself (and sometimes still do!) in sake of others/things (work, religion, family) to a point of near death (twice I was under 45 Kg (99 Lbs) and under severe, prolonged burn out). I am not proud of it, sometimes even ashamed, but it was because I rocked at the bottom that I know how it feels. And because I was able to rise from there, I am here to share what I’ve learnt to be most important regarding self-care:

  • Sleep – Sound, deep, restful sleep is a vital need. Don’t neglect it, no matter what. People that don’t rest properly are easy manageable; that is exactly what society, religions or others groups want – easily manageable people. Make resting a priority, and you will feel stronger, revitalized and a clear mind person.
  • Feed yourself properly – Give your body the required nutrients so you can experience life in a healthy and energetic state. Your body is your temple, feed him properly with a plant-based, high-vibrational diet. Your sacred body isn’t worthy of less than that.
  • Nature – Connecting with Nature is connecting with our true nature. Lost in Nature, we can find ourselves. Enjoy a walk on the woods, watch a sunset, stair at the moon, embrace the stars, sit under a tree, walk barefoot on the dirt (grounding has tremendous healing benefits)… Feel your natural surroundings, connect with vital force energy there, and fulfill yourself. Just as simple as that.
  • Exercise – Movement creates energy and magic. Choose what resonates more with you and do it out of pleasure. Gentle walks, Yoga, Tai Chi, bicycling, swimming,… you choose. Just let energy moves inside. Endorphins are released in our brain, and a sense of well-being fills our entire being.
  • Give yourself meaningful treats – Reiki treatment, relaxing massage, crystal therapy, angelic connection, aromatherapy, you choose. Be sure its spiritually meaningful and empowering, only then can it be self-care.
  • Praying /Meditating – both forms of Divine connection bring calmness into our minds, and comfort into our hearts. Both bring us closer to our true (higher) self, acting as a bridge towards the Divine (within and above). In such connection, we became more aware and awaken, the soul shines brighter and we feel whole again.
  • Create something – Express yourself as a child of the Creator. Whether gardening, painting, blogging, whatever your passions are, set aside time for creating, for expressing your inner creative force. Creating acts as fuel for the soul, suddenly you became more ALIVE. Pure joy is a by-product of creativity, and in the process we re-live again and feel fulfilled from the inside.
  • Journaling – writing your thoughts and feelings can be very therapeutic. Its an excellent way of getting to know yourself better, of purging your toxic, painful emotions, of getting mental clarity and of re-aligning yourself with your higher self. Jot down how you feel, allow your pen to flow over the paper, don’t correct or criticize yourself, let it be raw… you will be surprised with this self-discover journey. You will feel much better, lighter and with clarity after expressing yourself this way.
  • Dance, sing, play, laugh – invoke your child-like side and dare to dance, to sing, to play, and to laugh. Celebrate life for no reason at all, do it for yourself, be with yourself. Dare to be silly and joyful, fully in it and see how re-energized and re-vitalized you will feel. Children do it all the time. Have you notice how much energy they have? Five minutes a day its all you need.
  • Pet your animal – spending good quality time (which is different from responsibilities/obligations) with your pets can be very therapeutic. They are all about unconditional love, contributing to our emotional wellness. See if you can be as playful and joyful and fully present in the moment as they are.
  • Get to know your spiritual team – this is one of the most beautiful experience one can have in life. Get to know them, work with them, allow them to help you, to align you with your highest potential and purpose in life. That is part of their job, the reason why they are with you. Just connect with them, use their help, they know what’s best for you. Take advantage of their know-how and see them operating magic from behind the scenes, for the highest good of all and of the whole (you included).

Taking GOOD care of yourself is your primary responsibility. Do it before caring for others and/or for your things. Others will be fine anyway, things will be done, one way or another, but if you break down, damage won’t disappear. You may survive to the fall but the scars will be with you for as long as you live. So, please, take care.

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