My heart is the temple where they meet

My heart is the temple

My heart is the place where both the Father in the Sky and the Mother in the Earth meet in deep love. My heart is the temple where they secretly commune, spreading their love to all around. From their hearts an influx of light comes to blend lovingly at my heart. With both connections, I feel being a beloved child of God and of Mother Earth. This experience allows me to overflow their love to my surroundings, to the planet, to the Universe. Breathing-in their light into my heart chakra (one energetic cord of light from Gaia’s core below, another cord of light from God’s heart above), breathing-out their pure, divine love throughout the Universe. Such connection brings wholeness and holiness within and without. There is a deep sense of being complete and whole with the Whole, a sense of inter-connectivity to “All that is”. Around this Autumn Equinox, when high energetic flux was felt, this was my dominant experience. And now that we have step fully on Mabon’s energies, I feel a deep, deep need of CHANGE, a deep, deep feeling of LETTING GO, a deep, deep will to dwell in the MYSTERIES and the UNKNOWN. There is no perfect time for this than now. I am opening my arms to the change, to the new, to the re-birth… Things won’t ever be the same. Change is IN!

(Photo credits: geralt in Pixabay)

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