Using autumn’s energy for letting go

Using autumn energy for letting go

Autumn is my favorite time of the year. Maybe because I’ve born in autumn, maybe because there is a Nature’s call to withdraw (which is something innate in me), maybe because its time let go (something I naturally love to do). Letting go is an art that allow us to get rid of the things that we no longer need (some are just weighting us down) to create space for the new, for the next chapter in the book of our life. Change is the only constant in life, which also means that things need to die and born continuously within ourselves so we naturally go with the flow of life. Sometimes, we are holding what no longer serves us while waiting for the new thing/stage/person/job/whatever, when is exactly the opposite (i.e. letting go first) that will invite the new to come in. Letting go creates the space required for the new thing. We are signaling to the Universe “I am ready, I have the space for it, let it come in”.

In order to let go, we must sort out what is worthy of keeping and what needs to go. For that, we need to assess our inner fields by going within to reflect and re-evaluate ourselves and our lives. Journaling is an important self-knowledge tool, able to provide us with invaluable insights on this inner search. Today, my journaling practice was accompanied by my dear friend and guide, mentioned before as my mate in life, Archangel Michael. The message received while journaling this morning may be insightful for your journey too and that is why I am sharing it here. When I asked Archangel Michael to help me to see what I need to let go in order to live in alignment with my soul purpose, this was what I received in a process known as automatic writing:

Letting go of expectations about how things should be, letting go of the wishes and the desires, even when apparently altruistic, because not always they mean what is best for you… letting go of how things should work or be, because the Creator knows what is best for us all. He is the One in charge and the One responsible for Divine order in “All that is”. You are just a tiny sandy grain in this immense global beach of Existence. God knows what, where and how things work better for the highest good of all. Let go, surrender, accept and trust – this is what you can do for the highest good of all, you included. Practice acceptance, ultimate acceptance, and know in your heart that you are loved and cared as a worthy child of the Divine. Know that you were planted exactly where you are suppose to sprout and bloom, you are where you are needed… in service of the Divine for the highest good of All.

This was a very calming-my-heart message as lately I have been struggling a lot with my path in life and my place in the Universe, questioning, doubting, sometimes even coursing things around me, what it is, as it is… After this message, I have the feeling that all is well and so will remain. Now its time to take advantage of autumn’s energy (and Archangel Michael precious company) to let it all go as divinely directed.

Useful resources in automatic writing:

Ask-Angels*: How to Learn Automatic Writing

Raina Teachings*: Automatic Writing: Purpose & Myths Dispelled

(*not affiliated links)

(Photo credits: stux in Pixabay)

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