5 Lessons from Nature in Autumn

5 lessons from nature in autumn

Nature is wise and old, holding intrinsic sacred knowledge able to teach us all. Creating the time in our lives to contemplate Nature – its rhythms, its cycles, its flows, its fruits and seeds, its ebbs and floods – is being present in the greatest of all class rooms. Allowing Nature to teaches us the greatest lessons, aggrandizes our soul. By living in tune with Her wisdom and sacredness, we are honoring our Mother and life as a whole. All seasons own their wisdom, revealing us the secrets for a well living life. Living by Nature’s wisdom, rhythms and cycles, allow us to take the most out of our life. Autumn teaches us the art of slowing down, withdrawing, letting go, saving energy and investing on what’s important. Aligning our energy with Nature’s energy at this time, allow us to experience a more balanced human life. We will be able of re-birth and re-live lightful at our best next spring, when life in itself explodes everywhere. Here I summarize the most important lessons learned from Nature in autumn:

  1. Slowing down – during this time of the year, nature slows down its rhythms after intense manifestation and splendor. Spring and Summer are seasons of Nature extroversion, when the most beautiful flowers and the sweetest fruits are gifted to us. Because natural resources are not inexhaustible, after such intense energetic expression, there is a need to slow down. Its time to prepare renewal. Accordingly, its time for us to return to a calmer rhythm after Summer expansion. Its time to slower our pace, to notice the autumn’s energies and to tune in with its rhythms: less activity, quieter life.
  2. Going within – Plants go within by invest mostly in below-ground biomass. Animals go within by preparing their winter refuges. They anticipate the deprivation times ahead, cautioning the scarce, detrimental conditions of winter. For us, its time to withdraw and allow our consciousness to growth deeper into the soil of our soul. Its time to reflect, re-evaluate and review our lives. Its time to re-assess our life’s purpose and to adjust our life accordingly by setting priorities, sorting out what no longer serves us and pointing out what is worthy of staying in our lives at this phase.
  3. Letting goAutumn is the season to let go of what no longer is needed or has meaning in our life. All that may be a weight or an energetic burden has to go. Trees shedding their leaves is the most well-known example of this lesson. By letting go of what no longer serves us or our life’s purpose, we allow change and healing in ourselves and our lives. This is one of the most beautiful, sometimes also painful experiences we can have. By signaling the Universe of what we are willing to let go, we are creating the space for all the good the Universe has in store for us.
  4. Saving energy – Because autumn is the preparation season for winter detrimental conditions (low light, cold whether, food lack), entering the “saving energy” mode is vital for species to thrive. Likewise, intentionally save your energy, i.e. your resources, your money, your time, your activities. Don’t allow your energy to be wasted on non-important things now. Otherwise, latter on, you may have to pay for your improper extra-energy consumption. My personal cost for expansive energy waste in autumn has been a low energy, mood and stamina in spring.
  5. Investing on what’s important – Because there are unfavorable conditions on the horizon, not only Nature saves energy by reducing activities and processes, as she invests on what’t important (e.g. reserves), in order to perpetuate life. In the same way, choose wisely where you want to put your energy. Focus on what’s really important, necessary and worthwhile, so you can thrive at this phase and awaken re-vitalized in spring ahead.

In autumn, Nature invite us to change ourselves and our lives in alignment with Her own wise changes. She invite us for shorter, contemplative and calmer walks, not for high energetic work-outs. She invites us to prepare the inner soil of the soul according to the fields we want to sow and harvest further ahead in time. She invites us to embrace our darkness as part of ourselves, while being conscious of our own light. Sometimes, all we need to do is to be a dead leaf on the wind going where he blows. Others, its more about standing tall and deeply grounded where we are. Listening is vital for our own growth and for our own part here on Earth. Mother Nature is calling each one of us to live by Her wisdom. Are you listening Her call?

(Photo credits: gerald in Pixabay)

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