The need for undercover lightwork

The need for undercover lightwork

After such intense autumn letting go, I found myself strangely stranger than usual, and tremendously calm; centered within, looking to my surroundings (body included) with glittering sight. I felt more light and free without the need to do anything else, or even to look for something else. There was a inner feeling of surrender in which I quit going after whatever it is… a purpose, a job, a career, or even a meaning… no longer I felt the need of struggling with what it is. Fulfilled from within, naturally relaxed, going with the flow, wherever it takes me. Its ok for me to go to where only God/Universe knows. In this acceptance of what it is as it is, I felt dwelling inside, aware of my self, communing with God and the angels, and with All that is… Just being, alive… and in this “being”, there was a blissful state that seemed to be contagious to my surroundings. There was this good feeling inside of being me without the need to go somewhere or to do something. My inner state was not dependent on external things/factors/situations/places anymore. In that higher connection with Spirit and the angels, I found myself naturally bringing light upon the Earth. There was a deeper meaning of being a lightkeeper, experienced as being someone who keeps its own spiritual light and, in this way, brings light upon our world. Just by being awaken and that is all…

If the doors have to open, they will open and I am ready to go in, to change, to move on. If they don’t open, I am still here, that is ok, all is well and so will remain.

There is no need for nothing else. The world already have enough successful people (even in spiritual/psychic fields), the world needs more awaken people, people helping others/world altruistically, just for the sake of bringing goodness upon our world and into people’s life, just for the sake of light up our world as well as people’s hearts. The world needs more incognito, undercover lightwork, and that is part of my mission here on Earth… Nothing to prove to anyone, it’s just between me and God/Universe, no one else… God/Universe “knows” and that is all.

(Photo credits: sciencefreak in Pixabay)

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