Freedom is a great spiritual-meter

Freedom is a great spiritual-meter

As spiritual beings, freedom is part of our nature. Our human experience added so many conditioning (from this life and previous ones) that we found ourselves trapped as prisoners of an illusion most of us don’t even know or is aware of. Family, society, religion, etc had imprison us in their golden cages of dogmas, creeds, and believes, and had tied us in their golden treads of fear, guilty and/or shame. All together they somehow steal our freedom. Bells ring all the time inside our heads – “do this”, “don’t do that”, “you should”, “you shouldn’t”, “you must”, “you mustn’t” – denoting the imprisoning mindsets that steal our freedom, our happiness, our intelligence, our life.

With spiritual awakening begins a journey of spiritual growth, healing and clearing in which we get rid of all the cages and treads to recapture our life and essence. And that is why freedom is a great spiritual meter. The more you grow (spiritually), the more you are free. Free to choose, to change, to exist, to create. Free to be what you are meant to be. True spirituality is soul liberator, freeing us from all that somehow takes our light. It’s essential to listen to our heart and to go deep within. If the heart talks about a cage, feels trapped, blocked, even dead or ran out of life, its time to re-think our life and to re-structure ourselves, prioritizing what’s important and get rid of what is no longer serve us. Meditation and self-reflection are the rooms to consult our spiritual meter, i.e. to assess our freedom scale, and to practice shadow work in order to regain our light, our freedom, our life.

If you find yourself in a path that is stealing your freedom, your life, your soul, please step out no matter what “they” (family, master, religion, institution, guru, group) say. Honor your heart, follow your bliss, and celebrate life. Live out of love, not of out fear. Free yourself from all that constraints you. If the path doesn’t make you smile and sing, its not your path. You are a free spirit, honor that.


(Photo credits: pixel2013 in Pixabay)



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