City gardens are spiritually relevant

City gardens are spiritually relevant

In midst of human/urban landscape characterized by lack of natural energies, city gardens are nature sanctuaries that help us all holistically, in a very subtle way. They are like vibrational gateways of relevant energetic input that improve local energy/vibration. Even though city gardens can’t be compared to wild woods, still they play an important spiritual role by positively influencing their surroundings with benefits for all. Each tree, each shrub, each grass there have the ability to clear local energy, raise environmental vibration and to anchor light upon the Earth. Besides, these small nature oasis remind us of the sacredness in “All that is” (if we are really paying attention to our surroundings out of awareness), which in turn reciprocally amplifies their/our own energy. In this sacred connection, we are able to feel whole with the Whole.

Yes, woods hold sacred, ancient energies and wisdom, but city gardens are no less… maybe not so ancient, maybe not covering such big areas nor holding so complex ecosystems, but they hold a part of it and add a little of their sacredness into our everyday, busy urban lives. Have you wonder how “grey” our lives would be without they lightfull-green presence? They joyfully lessen our heavy urban environment contributing to our wellness and well-being even when we are not aware of it.

Next time you go to or pass by a city garden, remember to greet that little green community with a grateful heart. Honor and bless all the beings there – trees and little plants, wild animals and domestic ones, fairies and spirits of nature. Tell them how much you love them and how important they are to you/us all. Feel their silence, listen to their whispers, see their light, absorb their secrets. Keep in your awareness that regardless their location, trees/plants are our helpers in bringing light upon the Earth, as well as in raising collective human consciousness. No matter how small, few or insignificant city gardens may seem, they have a part to play in human ascension and in the awakening of the New Earth. Praise them with a wide, big picture awareness, while experiencing their little magic into your everyday life.


(photo credits: Takmeomeo in Pixabay)

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