Allow your angels to guide you

Allow your angels to guide you

Allow your angels to guide you for they know the way. They know YOUR way. Entering the world of matter and living an intense, busy life immersed us in forgetfulness regarding the REAL reason for being alive. But our angels have our plans, their are the keepers of our mission, they know the divine route of our assignment. We are here for a reason, and they attempt to align us with our higher purpose, if we allow them to.

“Allowing” is a key word here. When we are willing to let them guide us and give them permission to do so, we are opening an amazing, magical door, through which the angels can came in in order to lead us on our way. So, allow your angels to guide you even when you are not able to see the whole road. Each step at a time, each day at divine pace. They know/see more then we do. From their higher perspective, they have a wider, clear view.

Ask. Receive. Trust. They know THE way. They were assigned to us as divine guides. How brighter and lighter our life would be if we were able to see/hear/know/feel our angel’s guidance more often? Tune in with their energy, follow their signs, walk in the light. Stay with the ones that are always by your side. Because we are truly never alone!

(Image credits: TheDigitalArtist in Pixabay)

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