You belong to eternity

You belong to eternity

You are a continuum of conscious energy, streaming throughout Existence. While journeying through time-space, you are also beyond it. You belong to eternity, eternity belongs to you. Your everlasting essence is constantly “alive”, as you are endless and eternally Divine.

Ironically, the key to eternity resides in the “here and now”, and the “here and now” is the most difficult space-time conjunction to find. Often we loose ourselves in the illusion of the future and of the past. Entering the “here and now” may take many forms (e.g. meditation, mindfulness, switching on your psychic senses, feeling your body energy), all relying on awareness. No matter how you open your spiritual gate to eternity, it is always a deep, meaningful and personal experience. Your job is to figure out what works best for you. Once you learn it, you own a invaluable key, the key to eternity.

(Image credits: DasWortgewand in Pixabay)

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