Because of darkness we value light

Because of darkness we value light

It’s because of darkness that we are able to value the light. Light exist regardless of darkness (although the opposite doesn’t verify), but we need darkness, which ultimately is just the absence of light, to give light it’s value. In the absence of light, we notice what is lacking. Ultimately, in darkness, we miss ourselves. It’s in our darkest periods that we often find our light. Because of darkness, we are impelled to awaken and be the light – the light we always have been and always will be.

When darkness comes to swollen you and dim your bright, make a conscious effort to stand on your light. Remember yourself that “Wherever light is, darkness disappears. And light is here.” Use it as a mantra to remember yourself of your own essence. Use it as a power affirmation to be aware of your own light. And most of all, BE the LIGHT. Shine from within, beautiful star. Return to your place in the eternal constellation of the Divine. Irreplaceable and unique, His essence as your own light.


Other useful mantras/affirmations that help me to stand on my light are:

  • I am light
  • I am align with the light
  • I am a keeper of the light


Crystals helping me to re-connect and align with the light include:


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