Meant to fly with angels

Meant to fly with angels

Some years ago, while questioning the Divine/Universe about the loner path I always seemed destined to walk no matter what, this was the message I received: “You are meant to fly with angels, not to walk with men“. This angelic message vanished away all feelings of loneliness, abandon or even rejection that some now and then assault my soul making me feel less, broken or even born with some kind of defect.

This message gave me the inner strength to move forward, and remembering it, continue to fuel my spiritual journey. Day by day, the angels came closer and closer to me, an ever-present presence and the best, blessed company. Somehow I started to realize the meaning within that message. Still, I believe there is much more to be revealed. Things will come on their own time, that’s the angel’s and God’s ways.

If you find yourself in a lonely path or questioning your life because you don’t fit in, maybe you would like to take this message for yourself. I believe that was the reason I felt (angel) inspired to share it here. Angels are just one thought away and always by your side. They know your way and that you are meant for higher flights. And even though you are “not walking with men”, you are in divine company serving humankind.

Keep this message at hand for reminding yourself of your companions/mission, but most of all, post it on your heart where it’s meaning is most need it:

You are meant to fly with angels

(Image credits: gildad in Pixabay)


7 thoughts on “Meant to fly with angels

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    Dearest Susana,
    I humbly reblog this for whomever else could well use this confirmation.
    Dearest Ones, you may find the following just as useful:
    In love and gratitude,


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