Guardian angels, our closest ones

guardian angels our closest ones

Guardian angels are the closest beings we will ever have/meet in this life. Closest than our parents or our children, than our beloved or our best friend. They were specifically assigned to us, providing us support, protection and guidance along our journey on Earth. They were with us before birth (as part of our spiritual team helping us to prepare the mission we agreed to fulfill on this lifetime), they will be with us after our departure (helping us to “review and evaluate” our performance on this human adventure). In-between, we share our journey with different beings, some just shortly and superficially, others for longer and meaningful relationships. But no one will share the entire road with us. Sooner or later, for one reason or another, we will be apart. However, all along our life journey, we will be with the one(s) that are always by our side, whether we are aware of it or not.

They know us holistically as we TRULY are, actually better than we do. They support, accept and love us, fully and unconditionally. They are always around, no matter what. Being aware of their presence and role makes much of a difference in our life. We are always under their protection anyway, but intentionally relating with them highlights our way and is tremendously rewarding for our heart. With angelic awareness, we are actively guided and inspired to be who we are meant to be and to live the life we are meant to live.

How lighter and blessed is the life of those who fully embrace their ever-present and closest angelic companions while living upon the Earth? Have you ever considered that your guardian angels are your closest ones? Take time to reflect about your nearest and dearest ones, and always remember that we are truly NEVER ALONE!

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6 thoughts on “Guardian angels, our closest ones

  1. Need to definitely get in touch as in childhood. Hymn learned at school ‘Guardian angel from heaven so bright ….’
    Remember one time when mum in hospital & asked priest to pray for her which he did but his words of reassurance helped ‘the angels will look after her’.

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