God’s message for you

gods message for you

Many years ago, a dear spiritual friend felt inspired to share with me a special message that she had received from our Beloved One. It came to me, as it did for her, as a reassurance of His love, care and protection, specially in life hardships and challenging moments, when our hope and faith may be vanished away. I kept it with me for years – it’s written on the notebook I keep beside my laptop. It returns to me when most need it. Because it’s full of Divine power and strength, I felt inspired (for a reason) to share it here. I hope it can reach your soul, as it did for me (only He knows how), and may lift you up towards His grace and light. This divine note is specially for YOU:

“God knows where you are in this moment. He knows the turmoils in your heart. He knows exactly what He has to do.”

This short, yet powerful message, may be specially relevant in moments when we feel hopeless or without a north, remembering us that He is in charge here and He won’t leave us without help/answer neither alone. TRUST… for He is God!!

(Image credits: geralt in Pixabay)

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