The angel’s light gallery

There I was seated in a gallery of light with my guardian angels looking at a kind of a map, which I perceived as the map of my life. Watching over us, there were the 4 main archangels Michael, Gabriel, Uriel and Raphael, all empowering and supporting me at this phase of my life. I’ve been feeling impelled towards change. Not just change, but THE CHANGE, i.e. a major life event that feels like being born again.

Somehow they were like correcting my lifetime trajectories, so I can live what I’ve came here for. Timelines seemed to confluence under their blessings and powerful divine energy pushing me towards my greatness and my divine assignment. Again and again, for days/weeks, I journeyed (still do) to this gallery of light and angelic gathering.

Some of these angelic experiences were dominated by Archangel Michael (with whom I have a strong bond) – moments resembling the remembrance I have of our angelic meeting before this birth (the moment preceding this life when I agreed to live what I came here for). There were other moments/days, when Archangel Raphael, or Gabriel, or Uriel, were more present than the others. On the whole, there was healing, clearing, releasing and openness being poured over me and over my life, in all directions of space and time, along all timelines. Somehow they were helping me to REMEMBER more about my divine mission here, so I can bring in THE CHANGE and re-direct my life’s journey accordingly to the original Divine plan.

Much is happening behind the scenes, much more than I am able to perceive. But things are changing, at least energetically for now. They always are anyway, but with intention there is amplified, directed change, reaching beyond and far, at all levels. The “inner call” calls out louder and louder each day. Signs and guidance are everywhere. I’ve been feeling the need for longer, deeper inner silence so I can clearly hear. I’ve been praying/meditating a lot and dwelling in angelic energies/issues/interactions more and more.

Being with the angels in that light gallery has been an unique, powerful experience. Our angels and the Archangels are always available and are great spiritual allies for decoding our life timelines/blueprint and bringing in deeper insight. If you feel pulled towards the angels and to go deep into your higher self/mission, intentionally ask your angels to take you to this sacred, magical place and to reveal to you what you need to know for your highest good and the highest good of all. This angelic experience has the potential to help you move forward/higher towards higher existential stages. It’s up to you to be willing to reach out for more.

PS – Remember to take what resonates more with you and do what feels right for you, adjusting it to your own life/spiritual experiences (not necessarily as I described).

(Image credits: LMoonlight in Pixabay)

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