What your angels want you to know

What you angels want you to know

Your angels want you to know that:

  • you are loved
  • you are supported
  • you are protected
  • you are guided
  • you are never alone

Re-read it whenever you feel your heart wilting due to life challenges.

(Image credits: Myriams-Fotos in Pixabay)


7 thoughts on “What your angels want you to know

  1. Be ALWAYS in the light & remember that you are NEVER alone (your angels is right by your side). Much love, angels and blessings. S*


  2. I got lost. I was attacked by cia. I’ve been in fear alot had to heal. Was told that I was crazy now I’m trying to stop the fear of channel n start again bless you I’m greatful

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  3. Choose to connect ONLY with beings from high realms of light. Ask AA Michael to protect you from lower-dense-dark vibrational beings, assuring you higher connections. Angels blessings, dear one. In the light, S*


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