Angel’s eyes, mirrors of the Divine

Angels eyes mirrors of the divine

In the eyes of an angel, I dwell in a clear, unlimited sky of infinite possibilities. In the eyes of an angel, I travel beyond the stars and all limitations of space and time. In the eyes of an angel, I find the silence and peace hidden within. Looking into his eyes feels like having the Divine directly looking at me. The eyes of my angel bridge the journey towards the REAL me. Soul glamour and wholeness at-a-glance, everything as it should be. Angel’s eyes are like mirrors of the Divine, reflecting our own intrinsic TRUTH. Being lost in their eyes is being found. In their eyes, we realize we were HERE/WHOLE/SACRED all the time. What the eyes of your angels reveal to/about YOU?

© 2019 Susana Cabaco / Holistica2be – All Rights Reserved. You have permission to share this content for as long as you credit the author and the site. Image credits: karigamb08 in Pixabay


4 thoughts on “Angel’s eyes, mirrors of the Divine

  1. Allow them to guide you, allow them to show you. Ask for their help and give them permission to do so. The relationship with our angels is something you build upon time (as with a person). You get to know them a little bit more each time. You will have deeper/higher experiences as you interact with them. Invite them in, call them closer… allow their magic to happen in your life. S*

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  2. Have you ever try to reach out for your angels and look into their eyes? That’s a personal, deep and very personal experience. I’ve just give you a glimpse… an idea… an inspiration. Ask your angels for more 😇 They will be glad to show you more. What their eyes reveal to you? What do you think they see when looking at you? Dwell in, beautiful soul. Take care 🌼

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