All that is

All that is

All that is” is alive, is interconnected and has meaning – are old shamanic beliefs, worthy of our best consideration and reflection. They bring us a sense of oneness and sacredness regarding all things/beings, as well as of a higher purpose underlying “All that is”. It reminds us of the light/energy/essence within everything, and of the Divine order that paces all events here.

Mostly these old beliefs shift our perspective/consciousness towards the “Bigger picture”, inviting us to surrender to a higher truth and great mystery. It makes us small/humble and at the same time great/extraordinary, as much as the Universe/Life itself. It connects us with the splendor/miracle/magic of life, emphasizing the privilege and importance of the life we were granted with and we all share on Earth/Universe.

We are all together in this play we call life. We are all connected at a deep, subtle level, while flowing through space/time/matter. No one “works” alone here on Earth/Universe and there is also tremendous help/support from behind the scenes. Being aware of it adds greater responsibility and deeper respect towards life, while providing us with a deep feeling of being supported/safe/cared/blessed all time.

Ultimately, these old beliefs lead us to see that in essence “All that is” is Divine (we included), which I believe to be one of the simplest, yet hardest-to-realize spiritual insights.

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