Thank you Angels

Thank you angels

The angels of light and the light of angels bless me and uplift me each day towards my greatness. To the ones that came in to stay, all my gratitude and appreciation: For the angelic experiences and your unique ways. For the "wings" that have my back each day (my guardian angels). For the companions … Continue reading Thank you Angels

Chickpea coconut bliss pastries

Chickpea coconut bliss pastries

This vegan, gluten-free recipe is easy to prepare and a bliss/bless for the body and soul. These salty pastries hold all the goodness of a plant-based food and are baked for a healthier state of being. To savor at home or on the go, warm or cold, go well with soup or salad... Whatever the … Continue reading Chickpea coconut bliss pastries

Spiritual lessons learned from Nature

Spiritual lessons learned from Nature

Contemplating Nature is being present in the classroom of life. Each day, the teacherprovides deep spiritual insights and many universal truths, all invaluable for an awakened state and balanced life. Here I list some of the spiritual lessons learned so far: Be patient - beautiful things take time. From seed to flower, time and refinement … Continue reading Spiritual lessons learned from Nature

The 4 Archangels in the 4 directions

The 4 Archangels in the 4 directions

Angelic connections are very personal experiences. In what concerns to the angels, as in many other things in life, there isn't such a thing as "the right way to do it". Even though most books/articles/videos place the 4 main Archangels in specific cardinal directions (e.g. Archangel Michael at South, Archangel Gabriel at West, Archangel Uriel … Continue reading The 4 Archangels in the 4 directions