Make time for your angels

Make time for your angels

Communing with the angels is a magical, uplifting experience that add value to our precious life. The relationship with the angels (like any other) is build up over time. Independent of the psychic/spiritual gifts we were born with and/or the stage of our psychic/spiritual development, we are all eligible for angelic connection/experiences. First, we are all spiritual beings, hence prone to spiritual connections. Second, angels have been specifically assigned to us to support us on our earthly, human experience. Our guardian angels, the archangels and so many other angelic beings are fully available to support/guide/protect us on our life journey. That is their “job”, which they gladly fulfill when we ask them or give them permission to.
In order to get in touch with the angels, its important to set aside some time to connect with them, as for any other relationship/experience on this time-space material world. Including them on our spiritual practice/routine, such as meditation or prayer, or our quiet time alone if you prefer, it’s a wonderful way of developing and strengthening our relationship with the angels. It is our will/intention that will set in motion such angelic connection/experiences. In case you don’t know how to do it/what to do, intentionally give some of your time to commune with the angels and ask them (aloud or in you mind) to help you get closer. Signs, experiences, feelings, etc will magically appear in your life as a synchronic feedback from angelic realms. Besides spiritual practices, you can also include them on your daily life. From minor issues (e.g. car parking or shopping) to important/big life events (e.g. business/meetings or relationships), they will be glad to assist you. You just need to ask.

So, in-a-nutshell, make sure you make time for your angels, because angels have all the time for you. They are near all the time, just waiting for your call. Intention is opening the door, whereas meditation/prayer are the rooms you enter in to commune/strengthen your relationship with the angels. Share with them your life, all your joys, as well as all your agonies. Take the most out of their presence and enjoy a much lighter, angel-blessed life.

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3 thoughts on “Make time for your angels

  1. Off course… spiritual discernement and protection are our own spiritual responsability. And with both, angels can help, as we build tem up inside, i.e. as we grow spiritually. Archangel Michael is a great ally on this providing us the protection we need as well keeping us on the path of light. Take care 🌼 S*

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  2. But shouldn’t we beware of ‘A wolf in sheep’s clothing,’ an idiom of Biblical origin used to describe those playing a role contrary to their real character with whom contact is dangerous?


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